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Yoni, meaning Vagina, Womb, Orgin of Life. It’s the symbol of the Goddess. 

Yoni is the feminine bar that is gentle and that’ll restore your vaginal PH Balance. Which is important because it’s prevents yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis. This Apple Cider Vinegar based, Ylang Ylang scented bar will have you feeling like the Goddess that you are. 

Bacterial vaginosis tends to affect women of childbearing age. Activities that change the balance of bacteria in the vagina, such as sexual intercourse or frequent douching, can increase a person’s risk.
* Please always consult with your Gynecologist as well.

Ingredients include: Apple cider vinegar, Aloe Extract, Agave Extract, Evening Primrose Oil, herbal blend, calendula oil, and Ylang Ylang for scent, Glycerin, Sodium lauryl sulfate